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Terms & Conditions

Macik Builders, LLC respects your privacy. Your personal information will only be used by Macik Builders, LLC as required to serve you. Your information will not be disclosed, sold, traded or otherwise distributed to third parties for marketing or any other purpose, nor will we expose you to unethical email marketing practices.

Information We DO Collect
Macik Builders, LLC does collect the following information about you when you use our website:

Website visitors
Like all websites, we log web visitor activity for the purpose of understanding our visitors' usage, preferences, and possible troubles. Our logs track simple information - none of which is personally identifiable to you as an individual - such as; what web browser you use, what page you were on before coming to our site, if you used a search engine and if so which engine and what term did you use to find us, what pages you visited, how long you viewed each page, and what page you exited our website on.

Visitors making inquiries
Visitors who use any of the forms on our website or send us email provide Macik Builders, LLC with the variety of identifiable information so that we may respond to your inquiry. It is our personal guarantee that shared information will never be distributed outside of our organization for any reason.

Questions or Concerns
Should you have any questions or concerns about our sites terms and conditions, please contact us.

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